Join us in Fighting Climate Change in Mountain View


Dear Community Members,

Thank you for taking the time to join the fight for a healthy and vibrant future for ourselves and for future generations. Climate change is offering up many challenges to this vision of our future, but luckily, we have the power to steer things in the right direction. As Mountain View residents, we can come together and demonstrate exactly how small actions that we take today can have a big impact.

With the effects of increased greenhouse gases threatening our economic vibrancy and public health, we all have a personal stake in joining this fight. Fortunately, we have the opportunity now to save money, have fun, and reduce our emissions together. The Mountain View Climate Action Challenge will offer up different actions to take, how to prioritize them, and what the potential savings for you are.

Our city and its residents have already undertaken a multitude of effective and exciting environmental projects, but there is still work to be done. We’re counting on Mountain View’s community of dedicated, bright, and innovative individuals to take a stand for citizens of Mountain View today and for generations to come. Unite with us in our fight for a healthy, vibrant community and planet by joining the Mountain View Climate Action Challenge.